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The first named refers to YELOMEX SPRL - VAT BE 0685.426.348

The second named refers to the company, the self-employed or the individual who has subscribed to the services of direct debit and mail forwarding via the registration form provided by YELOMEX SPRL



Article 1

The company domiciliation service, called "YELOMEX BUSINESS CENTER", located Boulevard Bischoffsheim 39 boîte 4 - 1000 Bruxelles, provides the following services:


● Head office address


● Mail management, namely:


  • Receiving mail


  • Opening of the mail


  •  Mail forwarding


■ by digital means (if return by mail is chosen)


■ by post (if postal return is chosen - postage not included)


  • Mail storage and archiving


Article 2


YELOMEX SPRL does not rent a building but acts as a service provider as specified in the AFER VAT circular 39/2005. The second named one has the right to establish its registered office in the premises provided by YELOMEX SPRL. It will also be able to avail itself of this domiciliation with regard to Administrations and third parties.


The second named one undertakes to use effectively and exclusively the infrastructure made available as the company's registered office, either as a secondary establishment or if the registered office is located abroad, as an agency, branch or representation.


The second named declares, expressly, to certify the accuracy of the information and intelligence provided in support of the signature of the contract with the first named, to certify that it is not in a situation of bankruptcy, composition or liquidation, both with regard to the company or companies managed, whether or not it is the subject of the said contract.


The services provided are provided for a single brand or company name. If the second appointee wishes to operate under more than one brand or company name, she must notify the first appointee, who will issue an additional invoice.


Article 3


The service agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Either party may terminate it by sending an email to


Article 4

The services provided to the second appointed will be invoiced quarterly or annually depending on the option chosen. The price of the services is 50.00 EUR / month (excluding VAT). It includes the company's registered office and mail management. Upon written request, the mail may be returned by post. Shipping costs are not included in the price and will be charged extra (1€/stamp). The following services are available on additional charge: access to a coworking space, a meeting space equipped with adequate furniture, internet connection, computers and a multifunctional machine including printer and scanner.


Article 5

The services provided to the second named person do not confer any rights to a commercial lease, an industrial lease, or any other lease. Under no circumstances may the second named person claim commercial ownership. Similarly, the second appointee will never use the name of the first appointee for her personal affairs and releases the first, simple service provider from full responsibility for the present and future. Under no circumstances shall the first appointed represent the second legally appointed.


Article 6

In the event of non-payment of a single invoice on its due date, or in the event of non-performance of one or other of the conditions of the contract, and 48 hours after the sending of an e-mail indicating the termination of the services not followed by effect, the contract may be automatically terminated to the exclusive wrongs and grievances of the second named. Any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution and resolution of this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Brussels region.


Article 7

According to the wishes expressed by the second named, the first named may forward the mail addressed to her. However, the first named person will under no circumstances be held liable in the event of an incident involving the forwarding of the mail. Individual and locked boxes allow mail to be stored and documents to be archived securely. When the box initially planned cannot support the volume of the parts to be kept, an estimate will be established for the addition of boxes for archiving and the secure storage of the document repository.

Irrevocably, the second named undertakes never to claim against the first named, whether in civil or criminal proceedings, for costs relating to this re-dispatch. Mail processing is carried out according to the following three options to be specified by the customer:


Digital mail forwarding: received mail is opened and scanned. The return of mail by e-mail implies explicit authorization to open the mail in order to scan it. Remaining post: the front side of the received mail is scanned and sent by email to the customer. The latter presents himself at the office during office hours in order to personally pick up his mail.


Postal delivery: Weekly or monthly, by us. Shipping costs to be paid by the second named. Registered mail can be received instead of the second named one. A postal power of attorney card for legal entities is required.


Article 8

In order to maintain the consumer price index, the amounts invoiced may be indexed on the first of each quarter according to the consumer price index available on The natural person who signs this contract as agent for the second appointed person undertakes jointly and severally with the company he represents in order to ensure the proper performance of the contract and the payment of invoices.

Article 9

The second named one must prove her identity, her address. It undertakes to inform the first named;


  • if he is a natural person: any change relating to his civil status, his personal domicile and his correspondence address;


  • if it is a legal person: any change relating to its legal form and purpose, as well as to the names and domiciles of persons having the power to bind it.

The second appointee gives the first appointee, who accepts it, the mandate to receive on her behalf any notification concerning her, discharging in advance the responsibility of the first appointee against any liability claims, in any capacity whatsoever, in respect of this mandate.

The second appointed authorizes the first appointed to communicate to bailiffs provided with an enforceable title the information specific to the second appointed. The second named one will be held liable for any damage caused by the collection of unpaid debts. It also undertakes to keep the share register available at the registered office in accordance with the Company Code. Finally, the first appointed reserves the right to refuse to collaborate with certain companies and self-employed persons without having to explain the reason.

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