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Looking for a comfortable and affordable meeting space for your team gatherings, video conferences, or tax audits?  YELOMEX has got you covered with our meeting room that can accommodate 2-8 people. Our space is perfect for coworking and provides a productive atmosphere for your business needs. In addition, YELOMEX offers a professional secretary service to ensure that your team's needs are met during your stay.

PRICED at only €30 per session of 4 hours, our meeting room is a budget-friendly option that won't break the bank.  Don't compromise on quality and book with YELOMEX for your next team meeting or event.


Looking for a versatile and modern space for your coaching sessions, project presentations, or team meeting?  Look no further than our training room at YELOMEX.  Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully customizable to suit your needs, accomodating groups of up to 15 people.

Priced at only €50 per session of 4 hours, our training room offers a cost-effective solution for your business needs.  Don't settle for a crampled and uninspiring space, choose YELOMEX for a productive and professional environment.


Looking for a bright coworking space to get your work done? Look no further than YELOMEX. Priced at only €20 per session of 4 hours, our shared workspace is an affordable option for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Why work from home when you can enjoy the benefits of a professional coworking space?

So, whether you need a change of scenery, access to high-speed internet, or a quiet place to focus, YELOMEX has you got covered.  Contact us today to book your next session and experience the convenience and flexibility of coworking!

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Thank you, your request has been received. We rae checking availability and will get back to you with a confirmation email.

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Ivan Testilova

Well Thought.  The staff is polite and helpful.  The atmosphere is a mix of comfort and speed.  

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